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Despacho Germes Gonzalez y Asociados, S. C. currently has three partners, all of whom are active members of the Colegio de Contadores Publicos de Mexico, S. C., and have more than 25 years of professional experience in the independent sector. The partners who are presently in charge of managing the company, as well as providing personalized attention to clients are:


Manuel Germes Ortiz, CPA

Daniel Gonzalez Manzano, CPA

Alejandro Angel Lara Avila, CPA


The company currently has a personnel staff comprised of professionals and undergraduate students who are completing their social service, and undergraduate students majoring in Public Accountancy. It is worth noting that our senior staff have aquired very extensive professional experience at prestigious firms, allowing us to undertake projects requested by its clients with the necessary professional diligence necessary, under the supervision of their partners.

We believe that there must be substantial partner involvement with all our clients to ensure that we are able to give the highest level of personal service and to make available assistance and advice when we perceive a need. We understand that this need may arise at any time during the year and we endeavor to develop long-term relationships so that our clients are confident in approaching partners and audit managers at any time for any reason.

This enables us to identify your exact requirements at an early stage and allow relevant and timely advice to be given to you. We are confident that the partners and staff in our team will be knowledgeable, accessible and prepared to render professional advice promptly and on a friendly basis to enable you to fully realize the potential of your business.



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